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Sitting shoulder-to-shoulder with each client

A candid confidante, friendly yet firm, Elisha Prero is accomplished attorney. His sense of humor and cool head serve him well, where advising and guiding on a wide range of matters are traditional functions and where empathy is as critical as sound judgment when providing counsel. Drawing on his diverse training, Elisha believes a lawyer, to be of service, must be "real" to sit shoulder-to-shoulder with each client to discern the human dimension in the legal issues.

The opportunity to bring people together, to find common ground, to "make things work" attracted him to transactional law. Helping an entrepreneur realize a dream or create an enterprise gives Elisha professional satisfaction, as does assuring anxious clients their problems are resolvable or may not be the problems they suppose. Elisha even finds reward in helping a client who is facing financial straits close a loan quickly. Enabling his clients to build in one sense or another remains a source of pride.